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Russell is an independent publisher who came to New York because it is “the place from which the books and magazines emanated, home of all the publishers, the address of The New Yorker and The Paris Review, where Hemingway had punched O’Hara and Ginsberg seduced Kerouac, Hellman sued McCarthy and Mailer had punched everybody…”.

But the publishing house he built over the years is struggling. It has one up-and-coming writer and needs to take a big chance on someone or something to pay the bills. After 9/11, Corrine left her high power career to work for a not-for-profit organization that feeds the poor of the city.

Together they are struggling to afford the loft they live in with their two children, and keep up appearances because of some of the decisions Russell specifically has made. They have gone from being comfortable, to watching every penny they have.

To everyone they know they have the perfect marriage. But as she worries about how they afford to still live in the city, Corrine is surprised by the appearance of an old love… Luke.

Everything they know is changing. The world financial crisis is just about to hit. Obama wins the presidential election and the New York of their youth is disappearing.

New York is one of my favourite places and I loved how McInerney took us on a tour of NYC; the restaurants, bars, neighbourhoods. Although I have not read the previous two books, I still felt like I had read a complete novel.

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