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Being the mother of twin four year olds, whilst being a senior editor at a New York magazine looks tough, let alone having a husband who is pretty clueless. Throw a heart attack in the mix and you’ve got more than trouble. This is the situation that Maribeth finds herself in at the beginning of this easy to read, fast flowing book.

Maribeth is likeable, and you instantly feel for her. Her husband and her adoptive mother seem to have no idea that she needs more than a little help after open-heart surgery, so she runs away. Initially she goes into hiding to heal; something that she was unable to do at home with the ongoing demands. However, it becomes clear that she needs to address her emotional wellbeing and diminished sense of self, overturned by her sudden attack. Incognito, she stays low while looking for answers and tries to locate her birth mother.

Gail Foreman’s first book for adults is a redemptive tale of a mother searching for her past and future direction. The auxiliary characters are all painted quite well, but only exist for Maribeth to figure out her issues. Except perhaps the interesting Dr. Grant.

The dynamics of family and friendship are explored through Maribeth’s quest for her history as she comes to understand what’s really important. What could be trite becomes understandable with the use of effective description. At every step you understand her motivation and her growth as a person. A relatively quick, enjoyable read.

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