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Any book about assisted suicide is going to cause ripples. With the recent film release of Me Before You, and its evident stir, I was unsure of what to expect with this novel. The Easy Way Out is well written and personable. The characters are all very real and relatable, and it’s easy to conjure up an image of them all as well as the hospital, care facility and subsequent locations.

It’s a book that I read quickly though, despite the topic. The story flows along, leading Evan and his family along a path you can see coming. It discusses assisted suicide frankly and openly and left me questioning what I would do if a member of my family wanted to die. I’ve thought a lot about the storyline during the day and know that I’ll continue to go over sections of it in my mind for some time.

The relationship between Evan, Lon and Simon adds a balance that’s needed. I’ll admit there were a few details I found to be too much information, but it is a convincing way of highlighting both Evan’s isolation and the effect of his transient childhood.

Overall I’d thoroughly recommend the book, perhaps not as a holiday read by the pool, but as a thought provoking and well written novel on a very topical subject. Definitely would get the blood going at your next book club!

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