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The Watcher is written as a journal, with entries to an initially unknown recipient. It makes for a slightly frustrating read after a while, as you try to work out who she’s talking to. As a monologue, the story follows the unravelling of Lily as she gets drawn into investigating a murder on the council estate across from her apartment.

As she becomes more obsessed with finding the killer she uses her skills as a “twitcher” (bird watcher) to determine who did it. Cleverly, this gradually builds up and trickles into the story, until eventually you come to the realisation that the twitching has spiralled out of control.

The plot line has a few twists but was easy to dip in and out of when the kids demanded my attention. It comes to a climatic ending, which I raced through, but the rest of the book could have done with a bit more of that pace. I’ve not read anything in a while, so this was a good book to get back to. It wasn’t an involved John le Carre psyche thriller, but had enough intrigue to keep me interested and keep picking up.     

An easy summer read that could be interrupted by a swim, without having to go back 5 pages to recap. 

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