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Set in the distant future, the remnants of a once thriving universe have given way to lawlessness and pirates looking to make a quick buck salvaging the treasures left over from extinct species. Adrana and Arafura are sisters, daughters to a failed businessman. They hope to cash in on board the Monetta’s Mourn with the seasoned Captain Rackamore. The rewards are plentiful but are the crew capable of obtaining the spoils of the dilapidated universe without falling prey to the sinister villains; including the dreaded Nightjammer?

You’ll have to read it and see… and for fans of Reynolds other works, you will not be disappointed.

Since leaving science in 2004 Reynolds has published fourteen books, including one Doctor Who novel, and has managed to successfully marry his love of science with a universe beyond empirical reality. Fans of the Netflix series Expanse will find a familiarity in the plot, perfectly timed and relevant to those falling in love with dystopian Sci-Fi.

The narrative displays a kind of endearing tension between the characters that I have not really seen in Sci-Fi since the works of Iain Banks. It is adventurous, exhilarating and takes the reader on a ride that will leave you rushing for the back catalogue of Reynolds work. 

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