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Wereworld is about a young boy named Drew who lives on a farm with his Father (or so he thinks) Mack Ferran, his mother Tilly Ferran and his brother Trent Ferran. After a horrible accident, Drew is chased away form his home by his father and is forced to live in the wild. After saving an apprentice by the name of Whitley and a master by the name of Master Hogan, Drew is led back to human life and is soon captured by King Leopold.

With the help of his were-boar friend Hector, Drew escapes King Leopold’s clutches and allows Hector to take him to his home where he meets Hectors Father, the were-boar Baron Huth, his brother Vincent, and the Baron’s niece, the were-fox Gretchen of Hedge-moor. After learning he is the last were-wolf, he must defeat King Leopold to get his true mother, Queen Amilie back. Drew and Hector are then betrayed by Vincent and are forced to flee Hector’s home, taking Lady Gretchen with them. While traveling, Drew confronts a deadly were-serpent and is forced to kill a shaman/were-panther. He finally gets to King Leopold’s castle. Drew then faces King Leopold, a group of were-rats and finds soldiers of his father’s coming to his aid.

This book has amazing plots and beautiful descriptions. Even though it’s a bit violent, the story shows true friendship, courage and loyalty. This book is not recommended for children 10 and under, but is fantastic for even adults to read. Five stars for excellent plots, characters and beautiful writing. 

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