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The River at Night by Erica Ferencik is a very realistic feeling thriller set in Maine. It’s based around four female friends going on a river rafting adventure together over a long weekend. With things quickly going horribly wrong, it is a book that becomes very hard to put down.

The main character is Winifred (Win) Allen; a middle-aged woman who has recently lost her sick younger brother and got divorced after a 15-year long marriage. I really connected with Win; she was relatable, understandable, and easy to like despite her phobias and issues. The three friends of Win are Pia, Sandra and Rachel. All three are very human and very relatable to different people. They all have their strengths and difficulties and any reader will surely relate to one or many of the ladies. A few other characters are introduced, some being almost caricatures of a stereotype, but were overall interesting additions to the book.

The story is fast paced, interesting and page-turning. Occasional humour sneaks its way into many of the chapters, with the characters performing in ways you would expect people you know to. Saying that, there were a few shocks involved as you can expect with life, and this keeps it very lively and entertaining. Although the storyline was fairly predictable in some places, it still kept me on my toes with some unexpected events. I found myself feeling worried for the women and reading faster just to see if they would survive.

I found The River at Night to be an exciting book to read; fantastic to start one afternoon and not put down until you finish. The main characters are realistic, the storyline plausible, and the content easy to read. It’s an excellent venture into to thriller genre, and I highly recommend it.

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