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Melki-Wegner writes YA novels about adventure, friendship and fantasy. Her previous books include The Hush and the Chasing the Valley trilogy.

In her latest book we meet Natalie Palladino, a fifteen-year-old who after years of travelling the world with her foreign diplomat mother was sent to live with her dad, a policeman in the small town of Hollingvale on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria.

Natalie is a normal teenager at a normal school doing normal things with her best friend Billie. That is, until a stranger came to her school offering a single applicant an opportunity to attend The Brighter Future Foundation. From that afternoon on, her life would no longer be ‘normal’. 

Natalie is a Witness. She has a magical gift that has her being hunted by the Inductors. If they catch her they will kill her. She must run for her life and get to Melbourne and the safety of HELIX, a secret organization that protects the world from bad magic.

With the codename of Nomad, Natalie can no longer be apart of her previous life. ‘No one can know that sorcery exists. No one can know that HELIX protects humanity from the Inductors. And no one can know that Nomad is a Witness, with a dangerous magical gift.’

Before Nomad has a chance to learn how to be a spy and master any of her powers she is sent on a mission to find a traitor who has infiltrated HELIX.

The Eleventh Hour is the first book in a series and has been set up very well for the story to be continued. I enjoyed the book very much and look forward to the second book.

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