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Chase the Rainbow by Poorna Bell


Poorna Bell has written a tragic and moving story that sings from the page in all the colours of the rainbow. An intimate tale about her personal life with her husband, this book can be hard to read at times, but it is also a tale of survival and a plea for change. How do you cope with the death of a loved one – especially if it is by their own hand? What damage has an unbridled pursuit of masculinity done to our society?

Bell, a journalist by trade, recounts the true story of her relationship with the man who became her husband and who was the love of her life. There are some beautifully uplifting moments that are a wonderful counterpoint for the depths of Rob’s depression and events that lead to his suicide.

The reader can’t help but wonder what must it have taken for Bell to write this. It’s a powerful no-holds-barred story that poses hard questions about the way our society demonises mental illness and drug use, to the detriment of all. So while it is a very personal story about this relationship, it is also so much more. It is an important book that will help to elicit understanding and maybe even change the way we view others in need.

Chase the Rainbow asks us how far we would go for others, how far happiness can take us, and how much love can sustain us. It begs us to have understanding and provides an insight that our insular society desperately needs. While it takes up to the depths of despair, ultimately it is a story of love and its power, and promotes change so that there is hope for a positive future.


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