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Farewell My French Love by Nadine Williams


Grief is processed in a way that is best suited to the individual and their relationship with the deceased. Nadine Williams was deeply in love with her husband, who was French by birth and culture. Her journey through her grief at his death is both emotional, physical and lovely.

Ms Williams draws on her award-winning writing skills to share with her readers a beautiful and sumptuous journey through the memories and food (oh, the food!) she shared with her late husband, Olivier Foubert. At the suggestion of her good friend Jane, she travels to Europe and, in doing so, sees Barcelona, Paris and so much beauty. Each place is viewed through the justifiable pride of being up to get up and out into the world on her own. It is an indescribable challenge to keep finding the joy in life once the person who was the source of so much of that joy is no longer with you. Ms Williams shows the reader that the restoration of one’s love for life does not need to die with the loss of a loved one. 

While Ms Williams and I do not see eye to eye on every point, I was, at the end of this novel, truly happy that she had made what seemed to be an impossible journey. I was happy that she had attended French classes. I was happy that she had found hope – a task that no doubt seemed impossible. I hope that, should life deem it necessary, the people who read this book (including myself) are able, after such a devastating loss, to find the joy in life found by Ms Williams.


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