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Because We Are Bad is the memoir of Lily Bailey’s life growing up with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Written in 2015 when Lily was 21, this book is Lily’s life as she remembers it.

As the subject matter is one that can be fairly triggering to some people, it is a hard read. I particularly found the first ten or so chapters to be so emotionally charged that I had to put the book down in between each chapter. I would then go and think or rant at my housemate for a few minutes. Reading that a five year old child could be going through so much anxiety and panic distressed me. As a sufferer from mental health issues myself, this was difficult to get through. But it was difficult to stay away from too.

Lily has written her story in a very charming fashion; her words come across in a way that makes you feel her pain and stress. They make you want to know how she gets through this, despite knowing that the book is not the end of Lily’s life. She has written a beautiful, thought-provoking, engaging story of the ways in which she has lived with OCD. At times the book is funny, at others sad; often it is so full of emotion you feel yourself in the situation. I often found myself building up into a panic, as Lily described hers, and I felt a release when her panic was released.

Because We Are Bad is the best book I have read focussing on a mental health issue. Despite being hard at points, it is so consuming you need to finish it. It’s a well-written, beautiful book with an inspiring message from a very strong young lady. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has suffered from mental health issues before – just make sure you have some tissues on hand.


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