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The Impossible Story of Olive in Love by Tonya Alexandra


Olive is seventeen, lives with her perfect sister, writes a very popular gossip column and longs for true love. Olive is also not very likeable. She is rude, selfish, sarcastic, a drama queen and horrible to those around her. Her mother is dead and her father is never there. Olive is also invisible.

No one, including her family, can see her. Plagued by a Gypsy curse, she will only ever be seen by her true love. Her one friend Felix is blind and thinks she is making up being invisible to get attention.

I'm sure we have all wanted to be invisible at some stage and imagined how much fun it would be. But for Olive, it's hard being invisible. She's lonely, and has to deal with everything on her own.  There is so much she can’t do like open doors or eat in public. Even walking down the street she has to avoid people running into her.

After sneaking into a club one night she meets Tom. She can hardly believe he can actually see her. They start dating but how do you date a boy who doesn’t know you’re invisible – and what happens when the relationship feels wrong despite her true love being the only one who can see her? Olive has a way of destroying things and, in her own typical fashion, manages to mess everything up. 

This is a very quirky story. It is for anyone who, for whatever reason, has ever felt invisible – and for those who see the possible in the impossible. It's funny in parts, and sad in others, and the ending leaves it open for more adventures with Olive.


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