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The Lucky One by Caroline Overington


I found The Lucky One an easy read. It's quite simplistic in style and moves between several voices to tell a story of secrets, lies and manipulation, with an unexpected and shocking ending.

Set in the hills of the California wine country, the story revolves around the Alden-Stowe family who, for over 150 years, have lived at Alden Castle, a landmark in the town of Paso Robles. The castle is heavily mortgaged and deep in debt but can only be sold on the death of Owen Alden, and only if all the beneficiaries are in unanimous agreement.

When the extended Alden-Stowe family decides to sell the estate to a billion-dollar company, with certain sale conditions attached, it is supposed to be a straightforward transaction: lots of money to clear the debts and leave all the beneficiaries very well off.

The developers ignore some of the sale conditions, one of which is to leave the family cemetery untouched and not to destroy historic Alden Castle. When a bobcat digging up the graveyard reveals a slightly singed fresh corpse, and then an older second body in Alden Castle, the family comes under scrutiny. The Alden-Stowe family has secrets: there is in-fighting and bitterness and no-one seems to get along. The only thing they can agree on dividing the money.

This is a story of 'rivalries, alliances, deceit, and treachery' with an ending that I did not see coming.


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