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The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner


A psychological thriller, The Twilight Wife follows 34-year-old marine biologist Kyra Winthrop who lives on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest with her dedicated husband Jacob. After a diving accident leaves her unable to remember the last four years, Kyra is desperate to reclaim answers and uncover her past. How does she know the truth from lies?

When Kyra starts to have flashbacks of Jacob's employee and friend Aiden, she begins to investigate her dedication to her husband. Lingering cryptic visions and recurring nightmares raise countless questions and not enough answers. Memories of friendships, a rocky marriage and layers of deception leave Kyra uneasy as she begins the painful path back to her true self. “What if everything you remember is a lie?”

A.J. Banner’s sympathetic protagonist, portrayal of an immersive sense of place and a well-paced plot grasps our interest. Every character Kyra encounters has a purpose to unlocking a greater truth, and we hang on to every single detail. Banner successfully conjures imagery, a unique plot and psychological suspense from beginning to end.

Has Kyra been shielded from the truth? What twisted revelations are looming in the race to uncover her past? The Twilight Wife is full of hidden secrets and chilling turns. It kept me intrigued until the final twist, but left me with unanswered questions.



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