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A Talent For Murder by Andrew Wilson


“A Talent For Murder” is delightful rainy day read. I recommend curling up with a cup of tea, a plate of scones and this book as it takes you back to the mysterious missing days of one of the best mystery/crime writers of all time, Agatha Christie.  

As most Christie fans know, Ms Christie ‘lost’ ten days in 1926. What happened in those missing days remains a mystery and what happens in this book is a highly – maybe even possible – story as to what could have happened. 

Mr Wilson uses all the Christie archetypes – a suitable villain, a modest yet brilliant heroine, a cad, poison, bumbling police officers – and weaves in into a delightful homage to the talents of Ms Christie. The characters are not caricatures – they're fully fleshed out with backstory, motivation and, depending on the character, evil or innocent intent. I make special note of the caddish husband of Ms Christie. Her love for him and their daughter is all too real and heartbreaking, as is her knowledge of why the relationship is failing.

I do not want to spoil the story for you so please read and enjoy it yourself. I am sure Ms Christie would, in a very restrained and respectably British way, love it.


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