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Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss



A story about personal growth, Nicole Krauss’s novel Forest Dark is composed of two separate stories that follow a path of growth through a time of uncertainty.

The story follows a retired, wealthy lawyer who begins to give away his possessions and wealth, and a novelist who writes to the depths of her Jewish heritage and whose marriage is slowly falling apart.

Both stories are linked by Jewish heritage, a return to Israel and to the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv. The characters are also both at different stages in their lives, but both are children of Israeli parents now living in New York and Brooklyn.

As Jules questions his life and begins it anew, he almost accidentally has a religious awakening, which is offset by his desire for a younger woman. Meanwhile, Nicole is plagued by writer's block and a sense of returning to what was once known. Her story is quickly side-tracked from her plans as events in Tel Aviv pull her away from what is known.

The story ties into faith, change and, in a way, rebirth. These two stories are complex, but full of a sense of nostalgia that will pull at those who themselves have strong connections to Israel.

Forest Dark is not a light read as its full of philosophical questions that centre around faith and family, making it a novel for lovers of heavy literature.


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