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The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll


I’m a big fan of lists. Always have been and, I daresay, always will be.

Nary a day goes by when I don’t have at least one list on the go, and sometimes it can be two or three. The Bullet Journal Method seemed to be a book about making lists. So, I wondered, what could this book teach me, the Queen of Lists? 

The early part of the book reads like a self-help book and uses buzz words such as ‘mindfulness’ and ‘intentionality’. Self-help books tend to make me feel depressed and overwhelmed, and I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. However, I persevered, and I’m glad I did. It turns out that this book is written for people like me: those with cluttered minds and multiple lists.

The Bullet Journal method promises to “… help you accomplish more by working on less. It helps you identify and focus on what is meaningful by stripping away what is meaningless.”

The Bullet Journal method provides you with a language and framework (both of which you can alter to suit your own requirements) that help you to see the wood for the trees. It also encourages you to look at each task or goal you have and ask yourself whether it matters and what would happen if you didn’t carry out that task or reach that goal. 

This is potentially quite liberating, as it gives you licence to strip away some of the tasks that may have been irritating you for months and preventing you from moving on in some way: if you haven’t carried them out and the sky hasn’t fallen in, maybe you can forget about them.

Besides being a boon for compulsive planners with minds that just won’t quit, following this method has apparently had life-changing benefits for people with various mental and physical challenges, as well as those finding it impossible to reach their goals in life.

As I read on, I became more inspired and excited about reaching the end of the book so that I could start my own bullet journal journey and become an all-new, organised, goal-kicking, little fizz-bomb of energy, positivity and fulfillment!

The first week of bullet journalling brought with it a new-found confidence in myself whilst at work and a feeling of supreme control over my own life. This did fade somewhat as the days wore on, but the Bullet Journal method is definitely worth following for anyone who wants to achieve more, or get their priorities in order, or keep track of their habits and find a reason for them – the list is manifold. 

The Bullet Journal Method book is an essential tool to help you find out how this well thought-out, valuable method can best help you in your life.



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