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The Rift by Rachael Craw



Fans of Rachael Craw will love this ‘brand-new mystery featuring an ancient curse and a centuries-old secret.’

Meg Archer and Cal West have known each other since they were children living on Black Water Island. It has been nine years since Meg and her mother left the island, and now they are on their way back to confront her past. It’s also been nine years since Meg and Cal have seen each other, and a lot has changed. 

Black Water Island is the home of the herd, protected deer with antlers that have healing properties. The Old Herd are protected by the rangers who, for generations, have guarded them from the horrors released by the Rift, a ‘tear between our dimension and another, and the original home of both Rift Hounds—nightmarish invisible beasts—and the highly sought after and protected deer.’  Every full moon these terrible creatures slip through the Rift to attack the Old Herd.

Meg’s estranged father is the head ranger and, as a young girl, all Meg wanted was to become a ranger. Cal is now an apprentice ranger. Because of an incident when he was young, he possesses rare gifts that make him good at what he does – but because he wasn’t born with the gifts he must fight every day to prove his worth. 

Meg arrives back on the island just as it is facing a new threat: Nutris Pharmaceuticals is a ruthless company who will do anything to get the antlers off the deer that make Actaeon’s Bane, the healing compound. They seem to be doing everything they can to destroy the Old Herd. Despite their love/hate relationship, Meg and Cal must now work together to save the Old Herd and the Island from what is coming.

This is book one of a new series by Craw. I read the last page wanting more, wanting to know more about the Rift and what it was, wanting to know more about Meg and Cal, wanting to know more about Meg’s father.

A must read for Craw fans and lovers of the fantasy genre.


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