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The World of Tomorrow by Brendan Mathews



I always enjoy an author who is able to weave their love for their characters into a good read, and Mr Brendan Mathews does exactly that in his book The World of Tomorrow. He swept me up into his passion for his characters and the world in which they live. Oh, to have been alive in 1930s and living in New York!  

The Dempsey Brothers (Francis, Martin and Michael) are the foundation for this tale. Martin is a musician keen to create a jazz band worthy of Count Basie. Francis and Michael are both escapees – one from an Irish prison and the other from the priesthood – and are presenting themselves as Scottish aristocracy thanks to an unexpected windfall from an accidental IRA explosion. Their story unfolds against the beautiful background of 1930s New York and the World’s Fair.

The secondary characters all have detailed backstories that contribute to a truly immersive exploration of a time when the world was rich with change and charged with positive possibility. Mr Mathews really does suck the reader into the romance of this particular time and place.

I finished this book with a real sense of the time and the hope that filled so many people: from the Irish escaping to America, the European Jews who knew going home wasn’t safe and the African Americans who created the music that defined an era. I found The World of Tomorrow to be a beautiful and hopeful read ready to be enjoyed.



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