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Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley



Martin Reese is not your average solver of mysteries and righter of wrongs. In college he was a stalker, breaking in to the rooms of those he observed and stealing personal items. He lies to his family about how he spends his free time, and he’s cynical and derogatory about pretty much everyone. As ‘the Finder’ he does improve the clear-up rate of the local police force – but not for altruistic reasons.

Both his family life and his secret life seem to be going along tickety-boo, until Martin finds that someone much sicker than himself has been closely following his life and cloak-and-dagger activities for some time. The story ratchets up a notch when Martin’s stalker decides to enlist him as his new partner in crime – against his will, of course. Predictably, one of Martin’s family members disappears, which forces Martin to comply with the wishes of ‘the Ragman’ as he calls himself. Martin must then use all of his resourcefulness, ingenuity and courage to turn the situation to his advantage and affect a successful resolution.

Most of the characters in this book are fairly unpleasant and unlikeable; from the law enforcement contingent – which includes a lazy, corrupt slob of a policeman with bad dress sense and terrible table manners, and a hard-faced female cop with a partner who is also her sometime-lover whom she treats with the utmost contempt – to Martin and the Ragman, who are both inhuman and depraved, although perhaps to differing degrees.

Despite the lack of relatable characters, this was an enjoyable enough read, and if you like your stories on the dark side and your heroes anti, this is the book for you.


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