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Finding My Place by Anne Aly



The life story of Anne Aly to date is extraordinary. This autobiography traces the life of a young Muslim girl born in Egypt and emigrating to grow up in Australia. The crux of the story centres on her family and the different values they held as they survived in an Australia not always kind to immigrants.

Anne Aly is determined. She is determined to have an education, to make her own choices and determined to find her own voice. She does this despite the stringent rules and regulations forced on her by her family and makes her own way to become a professor a politician and her own woman.

Aly’s story is fascinating, particularly her return to Egypt where her parents seek to marry her off to the best partner they can find. Instead, Aly continues to seek out education and chooses her own partner.

Told in clear and precise language, the text reveals many nuances relating to cultural differences and how these can impact on an individual’s life choices. Finding My Place is certainly relevant today, especially for politicians. It also taps into every individual’s need to recognise who they are and where they belong. As such, this autobiography is an important read as it explores those avenues with sensitivity and humour.



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