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Frozen Hope by Jacqui Cooper


Frozen Hope: My IVF Journey is Olympic world champion aerial skier Jacqui Cooper’s self-told story of her experience becoming a mother through IVF treatment. 

Having spent life since she was a teenager engaged in a gruelling training routine and travelling the world to pursue her sport, Cooper is finally forced to get off the merry-go-round after suffering an injury. It is during her recuperation that she unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams, Mario, and her priorities start to shift. 

In her journey towards motherhood, Cooper faces more obstacles than most as a result of the hardships her body has endured as an elite athlete. Sadly, although athletic and career achievements seem to come easy to this motivated and focused woman, it’s the thing she wants most of all that proves the most challenging for her. Yet, instead of giving up as some others in her position surely would, she applies the same determination that she has applied to her sport to the process of falling pregnant.

It took Cooper five years from the start of the IVF process to completing her family. She says that she wrote the book “to urge people to stick with IVF, to stay on the roller-coaster – hold on tight!  I saw too many women giving up too soon, expecting a quick fix or miracle cure for their fertility issues, just as I did when I started out. For many women, IVF is a commitment that can take years, and you need to be prepared for that possibility. I definitely wasn’t”.

Cooper’s story is inspirational and her style of writing gives the reader a great insight into her personality and the motivation she has for everything she pursues. Those seeking to fall pregnant, and especially those considering or undertaking IVF, will find hope in her hard fought success, and those who have already fallen pregnant or had children will realise how lucky they were to be able to do so.


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