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Look at Me by Marieke Krugel


Marieke Krugel is an award-winning German author, for whom Look At Me is her fourth novel and the first to be translated into English.

There will be many women who read this book and identify with the main character Katharina.  Before Katharina married, she was a promising musician and PhD student. Now, she teaches music to kindy kids part time. Her husband Costas works away during the week. Helli, her eleven year old daughter, is a handful and has issues that Katharina needs to talk about with her husband. Alex, her seventeen year old son, is no trouble but is bringing his girlfriend home for the first time on the same weekend that an old friend from school is visiting. Everything is chaotic and Katharina would just love some time for herself. Instead, she must get through another weekend when her husband won’t be home – and anything that can happen does happen.

The lists Katharina makes to help bring order to the chaos around her are not working. Once she has everything sorted, perhaps she’ll have time to think about the thing she has been trying very hard not to think about – the lump she’s just found in her breast.

Krugel delivers a book that is funny, sometimes darkly so, and reflective. Look at Me is a story about the ordinary – about that time when couples drift apart, about that time when your children don't seem to need you anymore and you feel as though life has passed you by. You can feel the frustration and loneliness Katharina is feeling, as well as the anxiety about what the future will bring.

I enjoyed the book and found it an easy read.  It's a good book for a rainy day, or a long weekend read.


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