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The Fading by Linda Taimre



The planet is dying and the air toxic. Global war looms, and a horrific disease known as ‘the fading’ is growing exponentially. It causes people to literally disappear. Linda Taimre’s debut novella is a dystopian thriller set in a future Australia, and it’s a gripping read.

Harriet is the plucky protagonist who is searching desperately for a way to cure her sick wife Katherine who has caught this vicious new virus. But is there any hope at all?

She works in the safety of the protectorate, where only the very rich can afford to live. Here the air is clean and breathable and rigorous security protect those within. But can anything really protect you from a disease?

The use of omniscient perspective is confusing at first, but once you get a handle on the different characters, the tension effectively propels the narrative to its conclusion. So be warned: once you’re past the first few pages you just can’t put it down. I consumed the whole thing in one breathless afternoon.

Readers are privy not only to Harriet’s point of view, but also Katherine’s, the acclaimed scientist Dr Kitt, government ministers and the sinister Lady Trinh, the head of the Australian government. Authority, science, ethics and morality are all examined, and the novella presents a disconcerting look at to what people in power might do in such a crisis.

This book asks how far you would go to save humanity, yourself, or for the one you love.



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