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In A House of Lies by Ian Rankin



Fans of Ian Rankin will not be disappointed with In a House of Lies.  Although retired and dealing with health issues, Rebus is back. In this latest book Rankin’s plotting and ability to craft a multi-layered crime drama is second to none. 

Kids find an old car deep in the woods with a body a locked and shackled in the boot. It turns out to be the remains of a private investigator, Stuart Bloom, who disappeared twelve years earlier. The wood had been searched thoroughly at the time so why has it turned up now?

DI Siobhan Clarke needs to rebuild her reputation after it was alleged she leaked information to a journalist. She has been seconded to the new enquiry headed up by DCI Graham Sutherland to look at the cold case to see what went wrong with the original investigation. There had always been suspicion about how it was handled with Bloom's mother, Catherine, accusing the investigative team at the time of corruption and negligence. Everyone involved in the case needs to be questioned and it appears a lot has been hidden and everyone has something to lose – “a good lie is as hard to find as the truth”. 

DI Clarke is also being harassed by someone making silent phone calls. The calls turn out to relate to one of her previous cases. Because of the new enquiry, DI Clarke asks Rebus, her friend and mentor, to look into the murder conviction of Ellis Meikle, her previous case.

It doesn’t take long for Rebus to become involved in the new enquiry. “The new murder case is to open a can of worms, in which no-one comes out well, no-one is innocent and that includes Rebus. It is a house of lies, speaking of families and the lies they tell each other, in more ways than one.“

There is so much more to this book than a short review can deliver. Well worth the read.


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