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PUBLISHED BY Hachette Australia


If there was no-one left to tell the story of an event, if all the written, digital, photographed, and kept records of the event no longer existed, how would we know the event happened at all?  This is the premise of To Kill the Truth. 

At a courthouse in Virginia a university professor is suing a writer for calling him a ‘slavery denier’. An organisation known as Black Lives Matter is protesting outside the courthouse and the violence between them and the right-wing protesters seems to be getting worse.


Enter Maggie Costello. Maggie formerly worked in the White House, but is now enrolled at university and wants nothing more to do with politics. The Governor of Virginia contacts her and asks for her help find put who killed an historian who was studying aspects of slavery. He was murdered at his desk.  As Maggie digs deeper she finds reports of other academics and Holocaust survivors dying in mysterious circumstances.

 ‘Historians are dying and the 12 libraries that protect all of our historical documents and records ……. such as original literary works and religious texts along with others such as the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence …. are burning.  Is it just coincidence or is there something bigger at play?’  Someone is trying to destroy the evidence of the greatest crimes in history.

 Whoever is responsible always seem to be one step ahead and Maggie is running out of time to prevent all 12 libraries and all historical records obliterated.  High tech computers are being used to shut down communications, destroy reputations and control the media.

 I for one found the plot plausible.  We rely so much on technology to run everything every day who is to say this couldn’t happen.  It is a fast paced, thrilling read.  Add this to you list of books to read.  You won’t be disappointed.


Joana Partyka