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A Little Bit of MisChief, by Christina Gillgren

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A light hearted, whimsical account of seven years spent living on a boat and sailing from Australia to the Mediterranean and beyond: a journey sprinkled with exhilarating experiences that include sandstorms at sea and tropical water spouts, heart pounding moments with pirates, swimming with whale sharks and dolphins in some of the most exotic waters, amazingly generous characters and of course lasting friendships and laughter along the way.

"The author's adventures are told so vividly, making it so blissfully and effortlessly easy to picture being there, or just following her paths to perhaps make up your very own 'bucket-list' of the must-see, sublime spots mentioned in her book.

Of course, this is a particular sailor's journal entwined with a good dose of humour, equally peppered with sweetness, and bold, clever risks well as a little bit of mischief. Exhilarating simplicity, with an alluring dash of coy, so refreshingly told, like having an exciting catch up with a really good friend. Just makes you want to reach out for your favourite Chardonnay, and smile. And dream away."

Nadine Muscat Cini | Freelance Lifestyle Journalist | Times of Malta


  • A Little Bit of MisChief is a great read full of memories of an unforgettable trip. Most of all it depicts how anyone can take the challenge and make the dream their own.’
    The Cruising Helmsman, Phil Ross

  • 'Fantastic good read. So vividly described that it feels almost like being there. No need to be a sailor to enjoy!' - Josianne Stottrup

  • 'Great book, Great writer, loved her book. A Little Bit of Mischief is a good read, funny and interesting.' - Sharon Verry'

  • 'I loved the book from the first page. Couldn't put it down. It was like being there, sharing the adventure.' - Nallen Karlsson

  • 'An easy book to read about one couple's adventures that will inspire those who dream of a cruising lifestyle to get on and make it happen.' - Johannes Roggeveen

Publication Details:

  • Publication Date: 30 April 2019

  • Publisher: Salina Books

  • ISBN: 9780648542902

  • Category: Travel Biography & Memoirs

  • Pages: 340