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Consignment and stocking

Consignment information

Are you a local (or not!) author who’s published a book, magazine or other publication, and would love to be stocked at one of Perth’s best bookshops?

Planet Books accepts submissions from a wide range of genres for consignment in store.

Please note we generally do not accept consignments of self help books.

Planet Books consignment terms
1. Planet will pay the Publisher 60% of the cover price per copy sold.
2. Planet will accept no more than five (5) of a consigned title at a time unless pre-approved by Planet. Due to space limitations, Planet can only take three (3) copies of back issues for consignment unless pre-approved.
3. Returns can be made at any time.
4. Publisher should keep own records.
5. Publisher must not allow more than six (6) months to pass without checking on sales. This can be done via email at, enquiring in person at the store, or by phone on (08) 9328 7464.
6. Planet reserves the right to assume ownership if Publisher does not contact Planet within six (6) months of consigned items.
7. All items consigned to Planet for more than six (6) months are subject to consignment status review, and Publisher may be contacted for retrieval or return of these items. Therefore, it is Publisher’s responsibility to continually provide Planet with current address, email and phone number.
8. In the event Planet attempts contact with the Publisher at any time regarding consignment items and is unsuccessful, Planet will assume ownership of material.
9. Planet is not financially responsible for consigned items that are stolen or damaged. It is Publisher’s responsibility to construct consigned items in such a way that pieces of it will not easily fall out and be lost in the store. Planet cannot be financially responsible for consigned items with unbound or fragile material, loose items etc.
10. Publisher will be paid no more than quarterly unless a new issue comes out or all copies have been sold.
11. Publisher allows Planet to sell and use images of and quote from consigned items for display and description purposes on our website and social media channels.